Welcome to the Lisu Christian Fellowship

Christ’s church in Australia is richly blessed by the colourful waves of immigrant Christians, who since early settlement times, have brought their faith and witness to this land.  

People of the Lisu Christian Fellowship, many from the mountains of Myanmar, worship here on Sundays at 12:30 am.  Pastor Dennis La Wu is “shepherd of the flock”.  On a Sunday morning you may meet Pastor Dennis’ wife Rosuna, and their children Gloria (4) and Vincent (2), together with other members of the congregation, who live mainly within the city of Wyndham.

Lisu ethnic communities live on both sides of the Myanmar-China border, numbering about 1 million persons.  Most are Christian. The Myanmar Lisu revere the great Baptist missionary, Adironam Judson, from USA about 1817, who translated the Bible, made the first Burmese-English dictionary, and baptized the first converts.

The present Lisu Christian Fellowship of Wyndham began a few years ago, meeting in the home of Pastor Dennis, in Rosella Avenue. They then worshipped in the old Shire Hall, and now have found home at Crossroads. Lisu Christians rejoice in the love of Jesus, and they bring joyful music and singing to their worship. 

Pastor Dennis La Wu came firstly to Perth Bible College, Western Australia as an international student in 2001, and after seven years, he sought asylum here. He is completing Masters of Theology studies this year at Whitley Baptist College, Melbourne.
Pastor Dennis says “My congregation is blessed by the hospitality we receive from Crossroads Uniting Church.”