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An interesting tour

Bev Cox and I joined a group of 11 people on a tour with the Interfaith Network last Tuesday to the “Church of Scientology” centre on Mt Alexander Rd. Ascot Vale. Neither of us knew anything about Scientology except that Tom Cruise was a member!  We arrived at this very large impressive building that had once belonged to the Catholics and sold to a developer who wanted to pull it down but discovered part of it was heritage so he sold it to the Scientologists. This is the only one in Victoria and Tasmania. Mari was our guide for the day, a practising Catholic but a member!

L. Ron Hubbard 1911-1986 was the founder of Scientology—“to know life was to live life”.  He said he had travelled all over Asia learning about different religions and their physiological impact on people, and while wounded during the Second World War he practised the principles he had learnt in the East which led to his first book, Dianetics—the study of the Mind.  Scientology is based wholly upon the research, writings and recorded lectures of Mr. Hubbard, collectively constituting their ‘scripture’.

As we entered the building we were guided us around the large presentations and shelves of books written by Hubbard and saw that they ran courses claimed to lead to becoming a better person with topics such as “How to Achieve Self-Confidence” or a “Happy Marriage” or “Happy Children” or “Success through Communication”.  We were even given a show bag with a booklet and some pamphlets.

The symbol in the picture is an eight star cross in the centre which represents Hubbard’s 8 dynamics: 1-Self, 2-Sex and family 3- group survival, 4-Mankind, 5-Life Forms, 6-Physical Universe, 7-Spiritual, 8-Infinity the Supreme Being.

(Lorna Hodge)

(One of the difficulties that the Interfaith Committee confronts is that it can hardly refuse to allow the Scientologists to join the group, yet for mainstream Christianity Scientology is seen as a cult, not a religion, and certainly not in any way related to Christianity—Editor)


Mission Songs Project

A soulful and thought provoking musical journey into the songs that were sung and shared on the missions where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were relocated in the early 20th century is to be held on Sunday 13 May at 2 pm at the Wyndham Cultural Centre, 177 Watton St, Werribee.  It is a beautiful revival of the almost forgotten stories that depict day to day life on the mission, exploring cultural identity, love and loss.

Adult: $25, Concession $20.  Box office 8734 6000 or book online at

For tens of thousands of years, Aboriginal people have celebrated rich, diverse and dynamic ceremonies that connected communities to life around the Werribee River.  Wyndham City acknowledges the Wathaurong, Woiwurrung and Boonwurrung peoples of the Kulin Nation as the First Custodians of the lands we now occupy.  Let us pay respect to all Elders, custodians of culture and country, past, present and future.

Join us for a visit to Narana

Narana, the Aboriginal Cultural Centre on the Torquay Road at Grovedale, welcomes visitors, and it is always a good time there.  On 26 May a group will be visiting Narana, leaving Crossroads at 9.45 am.

We will have our own guide for a time in the morning, and hopefully have lunch together in their pleasant café.  Keep the date if you are interested.

Some limited transport may be available by contacting Mary Dixon after May 14.


More from the Church Council which met in its first mission meeting on Wednesday 11 April.

As the Church Council begins the process of thinking about the call to a new minister for 2019 and beyond, one of the questions which will need resolving is whether we should proceed with the appointment of an Intercultural/Intergenerational worker.  We applied for a synod grant in 2017 to help pay for this position but we were unsuccessful.  The Crossroads congregation is one of the few congregations in the synod that could be described as genuinely multicultural and we believe that this is something that should be further developed.

Last Sunday, Mike described one of the key points in his ministry was when the hoarding around our church was erected—and then painted with Bible stories and church activities depicted.  It was a great way of bringing the church’s ‘internal’ life to the ‘outside’.  In this secular society, many people see our church as little more than a pretty heritage building, and they can’t see the life within it.  At the church council meeting we began the process of brainstorming ideas that might bring the ‘inside’ to the ‘outside’ today—perhaps some artwork in the gardens, displays of Aboriginal heritage, a children’s garden, a community garden open to all, seating around the church for people to relax to eat their lunch?  All these are just brainstorm ideas at this stage—what ideas might you have?

Talk to one of the church councillors for more information!  (Robert Renton, Chairperson)

Worship Plan for this week

Today’s worship

9.30 am Family Worship (Rev. Mike Lewis)

Following worship today

Please join us for morning tea in the foyer.

Activities this week

Monday: 10 am Playgroup

Wednesday: Know Your Bible, 9.30 am at Joy Clancy’s home

Thursday: Bible Study, 8 pm, at Noel & Sandra Savory home

Next Sunday — 13 May Easter 7

9.30 am Worship (Rev. Mike Lewis)

11.30 am Beach Patrol

Rosters for Next Week

Rosters for next week:

Duty Elder: Luciana Aragon

Greeting: Julie Rees

Morning Tea: Betty Parker & Jan Bradley

Flowers: Jenny Kirkman

Reader: Bev Lambie

AV Desk: TBC

Prayers: Sandra Savory

Piano: Gina Lee

Bible Readings next week: Acts 1:15–17, 21–26; Psalm 1; I John 5:9–13; John 17:6–19.

Housekeeping & Help

Pastoral Care

If you or someone you know is in need of pastoral care, please don’t hesitate to contact either our minister, Mike Lewis or Robyn Tomkins.

We’re keen to make sure that when people know that someone has gone into hospital or is otherwise ‘out of sorts’, that they are not forgotten.  If we don’t know that someone has suffered some misfortune we are not likely to be able to visit or offer support in some way; so please let us know in such a circumstance.

Thank you from Lyn!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and thoughts during my recent long stay in hospital.  To those who sent cards, messages, made phone calls and visited me a special thank you.  All of those actions I’m sure contributed to my recovery.  I’m now at home and continuing to recover.  (Lyn O’Meara)

Wyndham Theatre Company presents "Calendar Girls" by Tim Firth

At Crossroads UC Hall on Fridays 11, 18 and 25, and Saturdays 12, 19, and 26, all at 8 pm, and at 2 pm for a matinee performance on Saturday 19 May only.

Tickets from



Telephone 03 9741 1084.  Postal address is PO Box 2156 Werribee 3030.   Email