Palm Sunday

We acknowledge the original custodians, the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin alliance, of the land on which our buildings of worship stand and on which we gather.




Holy Week and Easter Services

An Easter Reflection

While we are living in peace in Australia, in Myanmar and many other places around the world, a peaceful life is not to be found. The Rev. G. Studdert Kennedy (“Woodbine Willie”, 1883–1929) was a chaplain in World War I’s bloody battlefields, and he was faced daily with the almost inconceivable horror of evil and death. This is part of a poem that he wrote.

I look upon that body, writhing, pierced
And torn with nails, and see the battlefields
Of time, the mangled dead, the gaping wounds,
The sweating, dazed survivors straggling back,
The widows worn and haggard, still dry-eyed,
Because their weight of sorrow will not lift
And let them weep; I see the ravished maid,
The honest mother in her shame; I see
All history pass by, and through it all
Still shines that face, the Christ Face, like a star
Which pierces drifting clouds and tells the Truth….
So through the clouds of Calvary – there shines
His face, and I believe that Evil dies,
And Good lives on, loves on and conquers all –
All war must end in Peace.  These clouds are lies,
They cannot last.  The blue sky is the Truth.
For God is Love.  Such is my Faith, and such
My reasons for it, and I find them strong
Enough.  And you?  You want to argue? 
Well, I can’t.  It is a choice.  I choose the Christ.

Prison chaplaincy: Scott C

When Scott was received as a member at Crossroads Uniting Church recently, my ears pricked up at the news that he is UC chaplain to the prisoners in nearby correctional facilities. 

This outreach of the Uniting Church is to people of whom Jesus spoke “I was in prison and you visited me.” (Matthew 25) Other denominations and religious faiths, which is not widely known, also provide chaplains to the prison system in Victoria, and they need our prayers.

His work is located at Ravenhall Correction Centre, and the Barwon cluster of prisons. These include maximum security, Marngoneet and Karreenga the prison for prisoners who need protection.

Only a handful of prisoners in these jails identify as Uniting members; nevertheless Scott is available to provide emotional and spiritual support to any person he comes across, based on that person’s needs.

For many persons in prison, spiritual care can be entirely secular, focusing on the things that provide  meaning.  Scott says “It’s about humanity – why am I here, and what does it mean to live?”

Scott says “I regard my ministry as about being there, listening to the heart talk of people, many of whom have had adverse childhood experiences which left them struggling to survive”.

Many drug abusers – people whose choices have been destructive to their lives are in the prisons of Victoria. “I meet people with drug induced psychosis, usually brought on by the devastating drug methylamphetamine – ‘ICE’.  You can buy it anywhere, even in Werribee.  Because this habit can be expensive, people turn to crime to finance it.  “If you’re homeless, you will almost always be a drug user, part of a network of other needy people,” says Scott.

Scott is starting the Period of Discernment required by the Uniting Church, for persons who feel called to candidate for our ordained ministry. (NT)

Palm Sunday march for refugees

“Jesus and his parents fled from Herod’s imminent danger. Still he wanders with the crowds, a frightened nationless stranger.” — “The Refugees”, song by John L Bell, Iona community.

Today at 2 pm at the State Library of Victoria, concerned people will address the ongoing injustice experienced by the 32,000 asylum seekers in Australia and offshore detention;  137 in PNG and 123 on Nauru. (Bring masks to be Covid compliant.)

Crossroads UC Werribee Justice Task Group invites you to join us, and to meet with members of Wyndham InterFaith Network on the steps of the State Library at 2 pm. Contact Neil T.

Early this year a group of 66 men (Medevac detainees) were released from Mantra and Park hotels.  More than 120 remain in detention. The minister Mr Peter Dutton says “It’s cheaper to have people out in the community.”

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre advocacy worker Jana Favero says: “The increasing destitution and homelessness amongst asylum seekers is due to a lack of safety net.  Community pressures are forcing the government’s hand.”

Martin Luther King Jr said “We begin to die the day we don’t act on things that matter.” (NT)

Beach Patrol

29 Enthusiastic volunteers came to our clean on Sunday.

It was great to be back as we have not held a group clean for 12 months due to Covid19. We collected 250 kg of rubbish including 160 glass bottles, 50 plastic bottles & 85 cans

What’s On This Week

  • Monday: 9.30am Playgroup
  • Monday–Wednesday: Holy Week services 7pm
  • Thursday: Maundy Thursday service 7pm
  • Good Friday: 9.30am service (also online on Facebook after the service)
  • Easter Saturday: Easter Vigil 1–4pm Church

Worship Plan for this coming week

4 April 2021

Bible Readings

Lamentations 3:1–9, 19–24; Psalm 118:1–2, 14–24; I Corinthians 15:1–11; John 20:1–18


  • Greetings: Margaret B
  • Flowers: Rose G
  • Music: Asanka P & Suzanne W
  • AV operator: Paul C
  • DV operator: Mathew W
  • Sign-In Assisting: Christine C & Luciana A
  • Cleaning: Luciana A & Rose G

Housekeeping & Help

Pastoral care will be maintained during these difficult days but it is subject to the rules regarding access to hospitals and aged care homes.

Please contact Rev. Annetia Goldsmith for any pastoral care needs.


The church office is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.30am to 12 noon.

Telephone 03 9741 1084.  Postal address is PO Box 2156 Werribee 3030.