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Welcome to our guest preacher, Rev. David Walker

When retired minister David Walker, from Grovedale, preached at Crossroads UC in February this year, CONNECTION briefly introduced him to our congregation.

Now, we welcome David again to our pulpit, and this writer asked him to talk about his spiritual journey, from theological education in the 1970s to the present.

David says: “I came as a young man of 23 yrs into the United Faculty, where I learned from good teachers including Norman Young, Eric Osborn, Davis McCaughey and George Yule.

Of course my mind has changed since then; I participate now in a monthly Christian discussion group examining our thinking about God, the Bible, the world and the church.

I don’t believe in an interventionist God who responds to prayers for rain.  Through recent decades, I have learned a lot about myself, and I have been like most other church people exposed to currents of contemporary thought.

Eco-theology, exploring God and earth’s environment is the great challenge of our time.

I want to be open to realizing that we can think differently from the way we used to, and to be open to other people’s views of God and the world we live in.

I want to affirm that our coming together in worship of Jesus Christ is at the centre of the Uniting Church’s life.”

David, we welcome you today.

Latest fête results

The fete raised $6,445.50 (last year $5,672.75).
Individual stalls were : BBQ $350.80, Books $518.95,Bric-a-Brac inside $708.70 outside $477.85, Cakes & Jams $842.70, Chocolate throw $67.50, Craft $591.40, Devonshire teas $623.10, Jewellery $303.00, Near new $564.95, Plants $948.55, Craft supplies $240.00, Donations $208.00

Congratulations and thanks to all volunteers!

Uniting Employment Services

Do you know that Uniting Employment Services (formerly Wesley Employment) is at 3 Duncans Road nearby our church, finding work for persons with a disability, matching them with employers?

I asked:  who are you helping?  Suzy Ross explained that some eligible clients have a permanent disability for more than 2 years, on a disability pension.  Then there are those on Newstart, who must choose a provider. “We look at the whole person, and we aim to build rapport and trust”.

How many people is the agency working with?  “We have 120 persons on our books; about 35 have been placed in a job, and we continue to support them and their employers in the workplace for two years.  Some are job seekers, some are looking for other ways of engagement in the community,” says Suzy.

Suzy says “A large proportion of our clients have not worked for a long period, so we are dealing with disappointment, depression, and anxiety.  Those who are on Newstart are disempowered and poor. Some may be stuck in a comfort zone, dependent on parents, and are scared to step out. Those 85 Wyndham clients who are not yet in work may be in training, or in temporary voluntary placements.  Training for job readiness may include social skills, resilience and survival skills”.

Suzy suggests that members may have friends or family who are employers with lived experience with disability who can offer employment.  Also, congregations have links to voluntary activities that a client may find suitable.  She invites members: “refer any persons with a long term disability to our service, where we can help find work—it may be part time or casual; that’s OK”. (NT)

Worship Plan for this week

Today’s worship services

9.30 am Family Worship (Rev. David Walker)

11.45 am Lisu Service

2 pm Sudanese Fellowship

Activities this week

Monday: 9.30 am Playgroup (Foyer)

Friday: 9.30 am Uniting Playgroup; 5 pm African Youth

Saturday: 10 am African Youth

Bible Readings – 3 November 2019

Habakkuk 1:1–4, 2:1–4; 2 Thessalonians 1:1–4, 11–12; Luke 19:1–10; Psalm 119:137–144.

Rosters for Next Week

Rosters for 3 November 2019

Minister: Rev. Ian Pearse (H.C.)
Duty Elder: Rose Geilen
Morning Tea: Jan Silitoe & Vivien Bleakley
Flowers: Luciana Aragon
Reader: Faye Docherty
AV Desk:
Prayers of the People: Ken Storey
Piano: Asanka Pakura

Housekeeping & Help

If you or someone you know is in need of pastoral care, please don’t hesitate to contact either Robyn Tomkins or Robert Renton.  We’re keen to make sure that when people know that someone has gone into hospital or is otherwise ‘out of sorts’, that they are not forgotten.  If we don’t know that someone has suffered some misfortune we are not likely to be able to visit or offer support in some way; so please let us know in such a circumstance.


Christmas cards

Uniting Christmas cards in packs of 10 (5 varieties) at $10 a pack are now available. Judy O’Keeffe has order forms.

Werribee River Association: Armando Aragon

The Church understands the task of Christians in today’s world is to follow the Bible teaching that humans are responsible for the care of God’s created planet earth.

In this year 2019, declarations of climate emergency are being considered by world governments. The acceleration of global warming presents a catastrophic threat to the existence of earth’s animal, plant and human species.

Christians have a role in this, thinking globally and acting locally.

For people who live in the City of Wyndham, there are opportunities to participate in environmental conservation groups; Werribee River Association stands out as a leader in practical care of the fragile catchment area extending from the Wombat Forest to Port Phillip Bay.

At the Annual General Meeting this week of Werribee River Assoc., Crossroads member Armando Aragon cut the ribbon for the opening of the new office of the Association in 7 Bridge Street, Werribee.

He presented the president’s report, and said: “In the past five years, WRivA has become a key stakeholder in the environmental work of universities, local councils, Melbourne Water, schools and community groups.  As climate change intensifies, our beloved river has difficult times ahead.  Increased water evaporation and water consumption due to high temperatures, and less rainfall in coming years will reduce its flow and affect the riverine ecosystem”.

“But the river is not alone; a determined group of volunteers with WRivA is planting trees, raising awareness and advocating about climate change, cleaning beaches, and teaming with scientists analysing water quality and cataloguing wildlife. This is an important time to be involved and make a difference”.

Theologian Sally McFague says: “We are not expected to save God’s world. Thus freed, we rest in God whose body, the world, delights, supports and calls for our help”.

At the fête…





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Telephone 03 9741 1084.  Postal address is PO Box 2156 Werribee 3030.