We acknowledge the original custodians, the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin alliance, of the land on which our buildings of worship stand and on which we gather.




Due to the latest COVID19 Lockdown restrictions, we are closed until further notice. Online services will be provided via our private Facebook group.

Black, White and Exempt

This book (Aboriginal Studies Press 2021) is a disturbing account of a widespread shameful episode in Australia’s twentieth century history of settler colonialism.
Many of the events described by Lucinda Aberdeen, Jennifer Jones and others happened in my lifetime. I readily accepted the policies of racist State governments of this “Christian” country.

An “Exemption” from the Aboriginal Acts declared that its holder ceased to be Aboriginal. What appeared to be a step towards emancipation was in fact an oppressive act of segregation. Citizen’s rights for Aborigines were a false promise, a mirage of government lies and untruths.
The stories of Daisy Smith and her daughter Valma, (Cover picture) Roy Smith, Ella Simon and others exemplified the gift of a poisoned chalice to indigenous Australians driven to desperate survival strategies.
Part-Aboriginal persons’ lives were restricted by Government regulation. Living on isolated rural “mission stations,” (such as Lake Tyers Vic, Point McLeay Sth Aust) movement required the manager’s permission, and children could be taken away by a social welfare worker or ‘protector’.
A ‘normal’ white person’s life was gained by means of the Exemption Certificate. Its consequence was exclusion from contact with Aboriginal family, culture and language. Assimilating, the indigenous person tried to adopt the customs of white racist segregationist society.
Ella Simon (1902–1981), lived at Taree on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. She grew up on nearby Purfleet mission and was a member of the UAM (United Aborigines Mission) church.
Recognized as a Native Evangelist, Ella and her husband led revival meetings around New South Wales.On Purfleet mission, Ella applied for the NSW Exemption Certificate, which failed to guarantee her citizen’s rights. Undismayed, in the 1960s she pursued reform of living conditions for the marginalized indigenous people on the mission.
The stories of exemptions are part of the truth-telling with which Australians need to engage. (NT)

Wyndham Interfaith Network’s Davy

Davy F is a foundation member of WIFN about 2010. She says: “WIFN has deep significance for me and my husband Derek, as the focus of WIFN is to bring about unity in our diversity and to help foster brotherhood between different beliefs and traditions. We have endeavoured to contribute our best as ‘we are all companions on the journey of faith”.

Asked about her own faith journey, Davy says: “I was brought up in a Catholic family in Bombay, India. My parents were strong faithful Catholics who lived their faith through caring and sharing with the needy and downtrodden. Growing up, I met with young people of all other faiths; awe for their spirituality helped me accept them.”
“In 1984 I, my husband Derek and our two children arrived in Melbourne. I was a fully qualified teacher in Bombay; in Melbourne I enjoyed helping migrant families with learning English as a second language. I upgraded my academic qualifications at Deakin University, completing a masters in Social Science and Psychology; now I work as a psychologist with two barristers”, says Davy.
“At my local Catholic church, I am chairperson of St Peter’s Parish Council. Our church community reaches out in love to people of every faith and none. At Christmas time we distribute 475 hampers to families who a doing it tough or are disadvantaged.”
Pray for our brothers and sisters of the faith communities of Wyndham. (NT)

Direct Giving to Crossroads

From 31/07/2021 the Direct Offering program provided by U Ethical on behalf of the Church will need to be replaced by direct giving to your congregation. You are asked to establish a direct transfer from your bank to the church account, which is BSB 083-909 Ac 516109795. For further information, please contact Rose G.

Write a letter for the world?

All over Australia, people of faith are writing their individual letters to Prime Minister Scott Morrison asking for serious climate action — hundreds of us. Will you join us?
We hope you can join in this activity when we resume after Covid lockdown—more information to come! We will have all the information & materials you need to write your letter. It can be just a short letter in your own words and we will collect from you to send. See Sandra S, Rob B or Annetia G for more information.

Bunnings Barbeque — help needed

Geoff G has been able to secure a fundraising BBQ at Bunnings Hopper’s Crossing store on Friday 20 August to raise funds for our Kid’s Hope program. If you would like to help Geoff in any way on the day, please contact him. Everyone welcome.

What’s On This Week

  • Due to the Covid lockdown, there will be no OSLO or Seniors Afternoon Tea this week.

Worship Plan for this coming week

1 August 2021

Bible Readings

2 Samuel 11:1–15; Ephesians 3:14–21; Psalm 14; John 6:1–21

Rosters for 25th (& 1st)

  • Greetings: Margaret D (Simon R)
  • Flowers: Jennie K (Lorna H)
  • Music: Asanka P (Asanka P)
  • Audio-visual: Mathew W (Lauren D)
  • Prayers of the People: Ken S (Liz B)
  • Reader: Neil T (Betty P)
  • Sign-in: Bev L (Bev L)
  • Cleaning: Margaret D & May B(Scott C & Lauren D)
  • Morning Tea: Elaine B & Liz B (Judith O & Dorothy R)
  • CRUNCH: Sandra  (Sandra & Lauren D)

Housekeeping & Help

Pastoral care will be maintained during these difficult days but it is subject to the rules regarding access to hospitals and aged care homes.

Please contact Rev. Annetia Goldsmith for any pastoral care needs.


The church office is closed during the current COVID lockdown.

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