We acknowledge the original custodians, the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin alliance, of the land on which our buildings of worship stand and on which we gather.


Making a difference: Beach Patrol 3030

Nineteen enthusiastic volunteers collected another big haul of rubbish from K Road cliffs at our 7th birthday clean. The rubbish included a large number of items carelessly discarded by people fishing and partying near the river bank. There were numerous plastic bait containers, bait bags and take-away food packaging. In one hour we also collected 85 plastic and 59 glass drink bottles and 99 drink cans.
It was great to have Wes from Geelong Beach Patrol cleaning the river from his kayak. Wes worked on for hours after we left finishing about 5pm. In addition to our group collection he collected 103 glass and 162 plastic bottles and 78 drink cans. His haul also included plastic chairs, a back pack and more. There were lots more rubbish that we did not have time to collect and it is sad that this beautiful site (an “icon” of Werribee) does not receive more respect from some of its visitors. (Rob B)

National tree planting day

The Grassy Plains Network and Hobsons Bay Wetland Centre invite you: Join us for a National Tree Day event – planting 220 poa grasses at the Spit Walk along Laverton Creek, on Saturday 30 July 9.45am–12.45pm. Meet at the Underkeepers House, Truganina Explosives Reserve, 278 Queen Street Altona. Bring gloves and suitable clothing. Meet conservationists and other enthusiasts! Enquiries Neil T

Book review: The Winter Road

Kate Holden’s The Winter Road (published by BlackInc in 2021) is a good read. It’s the true story of Ian Turnbull large scale cropping farmer of Moree, and his murder of Glen Turner an environmental officer of the New South Wales Government.

In July 2014, on a lonely road at twilight, near Croppa Creek, 80-year old Turnbull, determined to increase his family’s wealth on the rich black soil plains, shot Glen Turner four times. The Turnbull family had a record of systematic, widespread tree destruction on their several properties.

Turner had mapped and noted the work and warned the family members of impending court actions. Turnbull was frustrated that his bulldozers and fires were observed. He became obsessed with the government man trying to apply environmental laws.
Kate Holden places this tragic story in the context of Australia’s 220 year history of Aboriginal dispossession and struggle between conservationists and farmers for control of the fragile forested brigalow country of Western New South Wales.
“Farmland is an economic base for an industrial system of production and export…” as massive swathes of dryland forest are denuded of trees, native animals and indigenous plants and turned over to cereal crops as far as the eye can see.
The power of the farmers organizations controlling the National-Liberal coalition government in New South Wales is shown, as legislation is passed which gives carte blanch to the destruction of habitat.
This environmental conservationist felt gutted by the factual telling of the methods of developers, methodically killing koalas which were in the way of deforestation.
Environmental officers, working for an under-resourced Office of Environment and Heritage were exposed to hostile landowners. (NT)

Historic church to close today

Scots Uniting Church at 1702 Sydney Rd, Campbellfield is closing its doors after 180 years of faithful worship, witness and service. You are invited to join in the celebrations today at 2pm for the concluding service of worship.

Scots Church is the oldest extant former Presbyterian church in Victoria. It was built in 1855, but the congregation began in 1842, meeting under a tree that is still there today (and listed with Heritage Victoria).

The Rev. Peter Gunn 1812–1864 (father-in-law of Jeannie Gunn of We of the Never Never fame), a Gaelic-speaking minister, was the first minister to lead in worship in the completed church, and he and part of his family are buried in the adjacent cemetery.

On the extensive grounds, apart from the church and the cemetery, there is a 1908 manse, two (there used to be three before one burned down) 1960s manses, and two sets of Housing Commission flats, a small original wooded area (also heritage listed), and an old pile of bluestone blocks and the remains of a wall that used to be the first 1850 manse (also heritage listed).
The church’s bell was brought out from Scotland in the 1850s. It has a unique clapper made in the shape of a Scotch thistle. It has been rung most Sundays since. From 1875 to 1922 it was rung by the same man, John Watt, while his wife was the church cleaner for the same period.
Like many congregations, Scots experienced times of vibrancy and strength and many times of difficulty, although it has never closed altogether until today. The development of the area surrounding the church became heavily industrial with a high proportion of Roman Catholic families and families with other religious commitments, so the chances of any growth continued to diminish. A 1960s “Task Force” of three ministers supported by the state Assembly attempted to develop other possible futures for the church and property, and out of that grew the leases to the Housing Commission, but in other respects it was unable to develop the congregation. For several years it was linked to the former Methodist mission at Broadmeadows (now Uniting Lentara) until that too was closed as a congregation. The church has continued to be used as well by a Pacific Islander congregation for many years. (RR)

Seniors Afternoon Tea Invitation

All the regulars and anyone who would like to come along to join us for a bit of fun and a guaranteed delicious afternoon tea would be very welcome – we look forward to seeing you! Wednesday 27 July, 2pm at Crossroads.

What’s On This Week

  • Monday: 9.30am Playgroup
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  • Thursday: 9.30am Gardening Group (Crossroads)

Bible Readings – 24 July 2022

Psalm 52; Colossians 2:6–19; Luke 11:1–13; Psalm 85






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