We acknowledge the original custodians, the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin alliance, of the land on which our buildings of worship stand and on which we gather.




Day of mourning

On the Sunday before Australia Day, Uniting Church congregations across the country hold worship services to reflect upon and lament the effect of the invasion and colonisation of this nation upon First Peoples.

The observance of a Day of Mourning was endorsed by the 15th Assembly arising from a request of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC). All Uniting Church in Australia congregations are invited to hold worship services that reflect on the effects of invasion and colonisation on Australia’s First Peoples and our identity as a nation.

Interim UAICC Chair Ps Mark Kickett said the Day of Mourning is the beginning of a journey with Uniting Church and UAICC and First Peoples across the country.

“It is monumental to have the Uniting Church stand and affirm who we are, our connection to country, our sovereignty, our life that has existed long before colonisation. Not just that, but the challenges for First Nations people having to survive, to find a voice, and to fight for justice that we as people desire,” Ps Kickett said.

UCA President Dr Deidre Palmer said it was important to acknowledge and remember the true history of our country.

“As Second Peoples it is important for us to confess our complicity in the historical and ongoing dispossession of First Peoples. When we see racism it is really important that we call that out and contribute to the healing of our relationship as First and Second Peoples through lament, confession and seeking forgiveness,” Dr Palmer said. 

In-person worship recommences February

• Two services, 9.30 and 11am—same content each time. 9.30am service is to be filled first. Maximum number able to attend at either service to be determined by social distancing requirements. Bookings through church office required prior to the Sunday, and QR electronic registration will be required (help will be available).
• Face masks required inside the buildings.
• No entry before 9.30 or 11am. Buildings must be cleared after 9.30am service before 11am attendees can enter. (Cleaning of church/toilets required between and after 11am services.)
• No morning tea or social time after either service at church! (Maybe coffee at local café?)
• Service will be videoed and put online on Facebook for those who don’t attend in person.

More volunteers needed!

Please contact the church office if you are willing to help by volunteering to manage the entry/exit, QR registration, and cleaning after each service. We cannot provide the return to worship in the church without sufficient volunteers to form a roster.

Today, as we gather to worship,
we acknowledge the first inhabitants of this place
from time beyond remembering. We acknowledge that through this land, God nurtured and sustained
the First Peoples of this country, the Aboriginal and Islander peoples.

We honour them for their custodianship of the land on which we gather today.

We acknowledge that the First Peoples had already encountered the Creator God before the arrival of the colonisers;
the Spirit was already in the land, revealing God to the people through law, custom and ceremony.

We acknowledge that the same love and grace that was finally and fully revealed in Jesus Christ sustained the First Peoples
and gave them particular insights into God’s ways; and so we rejoice in the reconciling purposes of God found in the good news about Jesus Christ.

Ken S and Heathdale Christian College

In 1979 Baptist Pastor Joe Westlake envisaged establishing a local multi-denominational school and invited Christian churches to make his dream become a reality. 

Ken S volunteered to go on Pastor Westlake’s organising committee.  He became the longest serving school councillor, including Chairman of Council, serving from 1982 until 2007.

Ken says: “It was a humble beginning, five people sitting around a kitchen table (I said to Doreen that this looked to be pie in the sky stuff; no land, no finances). Then in 1983 we acquired land and erected three portables. Now we see a college for nearly 2,000 students. For me, I’ve found it to be an enormous journey of faith, as vision has become reality. It’s been absolutely amazing”.

“I’m still on the Finance Sub-Committee, from 1996 until now,” says Ken.  “I’ve had the privilege of seeing generations of students including my own family move from lower forms to Year 12.  Read our College history of the first twenty-five years, Growing by Grace, published in 2007 by Bronwen Hickman. You will see how students, teachers, principal, office and grounds staff and parents create a school community of Bible-based discipleship and enhanced family values”.

Ken continues “It’s been my road to Emmaus.  It hasn’t always been easy.  There have been tough decisions, regarding engagement of principals and selection processes, and always restructuring”.

Heathdale Christian College now educates students on two campuses, Werribee and Melton.


Nancy M is back in her own home following surgery. She would like to thank her dear church friends for all the cards, phone calls, flowers, visits and prayers. She hopes to see you all in person at Crossroads soon.

No gas-led recovery?

A petition before the Commonwealth Parliament calls for economic recovery to be led by renewable energy development, not a gas-led recovery. If you are interested to read and sign the petition, please go to If you want more information, please contact Robert R.

Worship Plan for this coming week

31 January

Bible Readings

Deuteronomy 18:15–20; I Corinthians 8:1–13; Mark 1:21–28; Psalm 111.


  • Greetings: Samantha G
  • Flowers: Elaine B
  • Prayers of the People: Val J
  • Reader: Neill T
  • Music: Wendy B

Housekeeping & Help

Pastoral care will be maintained during these difficult days but it is subject to the rules regarding access to hospitals and aged care homes.

Please contact Rev. Annetia Goldsmith for any pastoral care needs.


The church office is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.30am to 12 noon.

Telephone 03 9741 1084.  Postal address is PO Box 2156 Werribee 3030.