We acknowledge the original custodians, the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin alliance, of the land on which our buildings of worship stand and on which we gather.


What is the Australian Religious Response to climate change?

ARRCC is a multi-faith, member-based organisation of people from around Australia who are committed to taking action on climate change. Our members represent a variety of religious traditions. We believe that as people dedicated to the common good, inspired by our beliefs and energised by our spirituality, people of all faiths can and should be at the forefront of creating a safe climate. While celebrating the uniqueness of our different traditions, we stand together in working for an ecologically and socially sustainable future.
ARRCC acknowledges the special place that Aboriginal culture and spirituality have in upholding care for the Earth. We have much to learn from the intimate connection our Aboriginal brothers and sisters have to country.

Climate change is not just a scientific issue – it is also a moral one.

While scientists may record the changes that are happening to the earth’s climate and eco-systems, it is vital to also be aware of the impacts these changes are having on the people of the world, and how we are related to both the causes of and the solutions to climate change.
The melting of polar ice means that low-lying islands are gradually being inundated by rising sea levels, causing coastal erosion and salination of fresh water supplies and increased soli salinity leading to failure of crops.
In other parts of the world, the increased droughts and changing rainfall makes it very hard for farmers to know when to plant and when to harvest their crops, as both wet and dry weather is required at different times in the planting cycle to ensure a good crop. Further, the changing temperatures also affect the ability of crops to survive and thrive, particularly those that are only suited to either warm or cold climates. This not only affects poorer farmers ability to earn a living, but for subsistence farmers affects their very ability to feed themselves.

And what are effects on our world?

The changing rainfall patterns, and the effects these have on river systems, also affects the abilities of communities to maintain a supply of fresh drinking water. This is a particular issue in Australia as well as around the world. However in poorer countries the effects of lack of fresh water sources are often much greater as other sources of water such as bottled water are not freely available or affordable. This leads to large increases in health problems.
Other health problems also arise from the general increasing temperatures which see a spread of the tropical zones further out from the equator, along with an increase in the spread of associated tropical diseases into communities that have previously had no exposure to the disease and therefore no immunity. Malaria particularly is an example of this.
Other social problems arise from the decrease in arable land and particularly the supply of fresh water, both of which see large numbers of people moving away from their homelands in search of better livelihoods elsewhere. This may result in a large rural-urban migration as people descend on already highly populated cities, great internal displacement as people are forced to move between different regions within a country, or even international migration as people cross borders into other countries. In addition to the tensions and unrest this can cause, fighting can also break out over the control of precious resources.
The science is clear – people have been the cause of much of the climate change and thus the challenges that we are seeing today and into the future.

You matter – what you think, and what you do, and what you could do. For further information, see

Gospel discussion and prayer group meetings

The Lectionary Gospel discussion and Prayer Group meetings will be in recess during the school holidays and will resume on the 11th of July.

Boys’ Brigade

Boys’ Brigade – Monday night—7:00pm to 9:00pm at Dreambuilders Church, 37-43 Graham Court, Hoppers Crossing, contact Scott W or for details

Grand piano offer

We’ve received an email offering (for free) a grand piano that would suit an institution, local school, music group or even an enthusiastic individual. If you know of anyone who might be interested, contact Harriet Joe on

Justice Task Group

The next JTG meeting is being planned for 3pm Sunday July 9th @ Teddy Picker Bar & Restaurant Watton St Werribee. There is a standing invitation to anyone interested to attend. We need more friends & supporters so feel free to invite your friends too. Please let me know if you will be coming so that I can give Teddy Picker some indication of numbers. Teddy Picker is the venue we were going to use for our letter writing campaign to Scott Morrison about Climate Change but we never got there due to covid19. It will be good to finally go there. We have lot’s to talk about & I hope you can come. (Contact Rob B)

Synod meeting call for volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to assist at our upcoming UCA Synod Meeting in November 2023. Volunteers are required for the Opening Worship morning, and at the four days of the Synod meeting 18-21 November at Box Hill Town Hall, 1022 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill.
Some of the following duties you may undertake include: assisting with welcoming and greeting members, staffing the information table, assisting members with computer or app log-ins, assisting attendees with directions and answering general questions, and assisting in administration tasks as required for the Synod team.
Volunteers need to have proof of Covid19 vaccinations and a Working with Children Check. If you are interested, or would like further information, please send us an expression of interest below with a copy of your resume to Sarah Manase

Worship services

  • 25 June: Rev. Fa’amata’u Leota
  • 2 July: HC: Rev. Fa’amata’u Leota

What’s On This Week

  • Wednesday: 9.30am Crossroads Property C’tee; 2pm Seniors Afternoon Tea
  • Thursday: 9.30am Gardening Group

Bible Readings –25 June & 2 July

  • 25 June: Genesis 21:8–21; Romans 6:1–11; Matthew 10:24–39; Psalm 86:1–10, 16–17.
  • 2 July: Genesis 22:1–14; Romans 6:12–23; Matthew 10:40–42; Psalm 13.

Rosters for 25 June & (2 July)

  • Greetings: Margaret D (Judy O’K)
  • AV: Christian R-K (Roland G)
  • Morning Tea: Marie C & Virginia S (Judy O’K & Asanka P)
  • Flowers: Jennie K (Elaine B)
  • Music:  Wendy B (Elliott S)
  • Prayers: Jan B (Hoppers Crossing)
  • Reader: Robert R (Hoppers Crossing)

Pastoral Care

Rev. Fa’amata’u Leota (0404 592 359) Mrs Tupu Latu (0451 650 100).

  • Rev. Fa’amata’u Leota (0404 592 359)
  • Mrs Tupu Latu (0451 650 100)

Note: Audrey Kateena & Annetia Goldsmith are on leave.

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