We acknowledge the original custodians, the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin alliance, of the land on which our buildings of worship stand and on which we gather.


Vanuatu support needed

Please give generously to the Vanuatu Cyclones and Earthquake Appeal with Uniting World — see
Good or bad Easter Eggs?
Many of us celebrate Easter by sharing chocolates—and we have the choice of sharing chocolate that spreads Jesus’ love—including to the workers—or sharing chocolate that devastates communities. Unfortunately much of the world’s chocolate is made using slave—including child slave—labour. Along with the Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance logos, this website is helpful: for knowing whether our chocolates enhance or devastate lives. Check it out! (CM)

John Kinrade

I noticed reading paper of the death of John Kinrade. John was responsible for the removing of the big glass stained window for repairs to the stonework and sealing around the frame of the stonework and replacing the window back in place. I am sure John was part of the committee that worked on getting the foyer constructed between the church and hall. John was a member of our church council and dedicated worker for the development of Crossroads congregation. (Ken S)


KAIROS means “it’s time”. In the gospels when Jesus arrived at the Synagogue in Nazareth he announced: The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Change direction and believe the Good News. He was telling people that their deepest longings were about to be fulfilled. The world in which their leaders colluded with a cruel imperial domination was at an end. Another world was possible. Another world was happening with his coming. However, it would not happen with the replacing of one power system by another. It could only happen if they were willing to change direction, to decide whether they would worship the gods of money, war and corruption or whether they would embrace the values of peace and justice whatever the cost and create a radically different society with radically different relationships.
On Palm Sunday Jesus wept over Jerusalem because they had rejected his call. ‘If you had only recognized on this day the things that make for peace! Indeed, the days will come upon you, when your enemies will set up ramparts around you and surround you, and hem you in on every side.
Early Christians strove to live the “Jesus way” in a very hostile and often violent world. In particular they renounced war and refused to serve in the armed forces. Despite the persecutions, they offered a new world and their numbers grew. When the emperor recognised Christianity as an official religion of empire, the church became an agent of empire. Its bishops became government ministers; priests blessed armies and celebrated victories. The Prince of the Peace has been hijacked by the gods of war who are integrated into Christian thinking. Hence the so called ‘just war” doctrine.
This was never the whole story. There have always been Christian communities who have renounced war and violence and sought to stay faithful to the Jesus way, the early monastics, the Franciscans, Mennonites the Anabaptists and Quakers. Pax Christi identifies with this tradition.
We need to consider whether now is a Kairos moment for Australia. People of faith are faced with a stark choice. Through AUKUS we are being drawn more and more into the imperial war machine. We are being invited to see war as inevitable, as part of the human project, suing ever more lethal weapons to potentially destroy millions of our fellow human beings and distort our won economy with its run down health, education and human services and its growing gap between rich and poor. We are being invited to prostrate ourselves before the gods of war. If we do not destroy others, we will certainly destroy ourselves.
(Harry K—reproduced from Disarming Times, Pax Christi newsletter, March 2023)

Boys’ Brigade

Boys’ Brigade – Tuesday night – 7:00pm to 9:00pm at Altona Meadows UC, Central Ave, contact Scott W or for details

Palm Sunday rally

The 2023 Annual Palm Sunday rally Justice for Refugees will be at 2 pm April 2 outside the State Library of Victoria, Swanston Street, City. Refugees to Australia from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are raising awareness here of the latter country’s humanitarian disaster. A key speaker will be Bishop Mykola Bychock, Eparch for Ukrainian Catholics in Australia.

Hoppers Crossing Church Council election

Following the congregational meeting on 19 March, nominations are invited for four Church Council positions. These include the roles of Secretary and Treasurer. Nominations will close on Sunday 26 March and the Church Council election will be held on Sunday 2 April after the worship service. Nominees can opt to serve for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 5 years. (Please use the space in the form to indicate how long you are prepared to serve.) You may nominate yourself or someone else (with their consent).
If you have questions about Church Council or about the role you are interested in, please email Tupu to discuss. For a copy of the nomination form, please email Marie C at

Election results at Crossroads Annual Meeting

Wendy B, Margaret B and Kur M were re-elected as Church Council Members and Bev L was re-elected as Congregation Secretary. At the Annual Meeting Ken S explained that we do not have a chairperson nomination at present and it is felt that this is caused by a lack of clarity on what the role involves. Bev will research that so we can advertise the position with a job description and seek nominations to bring to a later meeting.
It was agreed that this matter and the budget, once approved by Church Council, will be brought to another meeting on a date to be agreed. (BL)

Worship services

26 March: 9.30am Mr Raymond Surujpal

2 April: 9.30am Rev. Angela Tappinyappa

What’s On This Week

  • Monday: 9.30am Playgroup
  • Tuesday: 11.30-1pm Bible Discussion: John 11:1-45 “Jesus, Martha, Mary and Lazarus” at Crossroads.
  • Wednesday: 9.30am Crossroads Property C’tee;
  • Thursday: 9.30am Gardening Group

Bible Readings –26 March & 2 April

  • 26 March: Ezekiel 37:1–14; Romans 8:6–11; John 11:1–16; Psalm 130. 2
  • April: Psalm 118:1–2, 19–29; Matthew 21:1–11; Isaiah 50:4–9a; Philippians 2:5–11; Psalm 31:9–16

Rosters for 26 March & (2 April)

  • Greetings: Marie C/Virginia S (Margaret D)
  • AV: Noel S (HX)
  • Morning Tea: Jan S & Margaret D (Jan B & ?)
  • Flowers: Jennie K (Elaine B)
  • Music: Asanka P (HX)
  • Prayers: Jan B (HX) Reader: Faye D (HX)

Pastoral Care

Rev. Fa’amata’u Leota (0404 592 359)

Audrey Kateena & Annetia Goldsmith are on leave.

Housekeeping & Help

Pastoral care will be maintained during these difficult days but it is subject to the rules regarding access to hospitals and aged care homes.

Please contact:


The Church Office is open on weekdays from 9.30am to 12.00pm only.

Telephone 03 9741 1084.  Postal address is PO Box 2156 Werribee 3030.