Crossroads Connection

We acknowledge the original custodians, the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin alliance, of the land on which our buildings of worship stand and on which we gather.


Build back better

The UCA Assembly has produced an important statement, a copy of which can be downloaded from the Assembly website ( Last week the vision generated by the Assembly was described. This week, here are the key actions suggested for rebuilding a more just society.

1. Stimulation of the economy with a focus on job creation by investing in projects that are good for all Australians and for our planet.
2. Fix gaps in the social security safety net and ensure a permanent increase in JobSeeker allowance providing a liveable safety net for those out of work.
3. Ensure community services are properly resourced to support vulnerable and disadvantaged people, and to respond to areas of growing need, including domestic violence and mental health.
4. First People and rural and remote communities must have adequate access to food and health services.
5. Develop initiatives that improve access to affordable housing for all people.
6. Ensuring our tax system is fair and transparent with individuals and corporations contributing fairly to the costs of post-Covid-19 recovery.
7. Doing our share for global recovery by building a more equitable, safe and sustainable world for the future.
8. Reducing fossil fuel usage, and excessive consumption of resources to build for a sustainable future.
9. Adequate support for people living with disability and older Australians.
10. Prioritising work towards Voice, Truth and Treaty for First People, meaningful action on incarceration rates for Indigenous Australians, and calling out racism and building inclusion across all Australian society.
11. A focus on creating pathways to permanent migration.
12. Collaboration between governments and civil society with political leadership focused on the common good.

Our congregation: Elizabeth Barnes

Elizabeth spoke to me on Monday morning after returning from her regular delivery of Connection to members of our Crossroads congregation. She is part of the team reaching out to isolated folk.

“At this difficult time of coronavirus, I believe it’s the little things that help to keep people in touch,” she says.

Seves Street Methodist was a lively faith community, and Elizabeth was a teacher in the large Sunday school. “I remember ministers Peter Robson, Colin Chapman and Rowan Gill,” she says.

In 1992 Elizabeth moved to Werribee; on her first Sunday at Crossroads, Jenny Rowe and others introduced themselves and made her welcome.  “Since that time, I have found my Church family here,” she says.

“Music has always been an important part of my life, singing in the chorus at Altona City Theatre, and then participating in the choir at Crossroads,” says Elizabeth.

Asked about highlights in her life, Elizabeth talks about her love of travel: “Last year, the rivers of Europe; and before that the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada.  I enjoy going to Italy, and staying in Umbria 40 minutes from Assissi.”

“I appreciate Crossroads worship services on Facebook. Sunday morning tea on Zoom is important to me,” she says. “It doesn’t worry me that we talk about nothing, I like to see people.”

Elizabeth’s experience is shared by many in our congregation, at this time of Covid19 lockdown. The work of Roland, Annetia and the team is deeply appreciated. (NT)

Worship Plan for this week

Online worship services

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all services of public worship are being held online until further notice.

Bible Readings – 9 August 2020

Genesis 37:1–4,12–28; Psalm 105:1–6, 16–22, 45b; Romans 10:5–15; Matthew 14:22–33.

Rosters for 9 August 2020

Greetings: Simon Raza

Prayers of the People: Carol Nancarrow

Reader: Neil Tolliday

Flowers: Sandra Savory

Piano: Gina Lee

Join us in prayer for

Eternal Caring God, Creator of all things
there is much for which we give thanks today:

For our country;
where we are free to worship you
and where professing our faith is no crime.

For the opportunities of outreach and care
among our refugee community here in our
municipality of Wyndham.

For our congregation, its strengths, its diversity,
and the sense of family which binds us together.

For past and present relationships with family ,
and their influence on our lives.

Eternal God, we thank you.

This prayer has been contributed by Dorothy Rookes, and it comes from Jeff Shrowder’s “Scattered Seeds”.


Remember when?

Recently reading the memories of Julie Rees and her sister in Connections revived memories of my youth at Burwood Presbyterian Church in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.  I also remember Sunday School anniversaries that had tiered seating planks to accommodate the 200 children as well as a conductor who stood on a ladder at practices so we could clearly see her. On that Sunday we had 3 services at 11am, 3pm,and 7pm.

Leading in the kindergarten section of the Sunday School I had 50 children and 6 assistants. One assistant is still a close friend after 70 years.   Sunday School picnics were enjoyed with all sitting on forms on the sides of furniture vans and travelling to Seaford beach where we played games, had land and sea races and sang Sunday School songs.

Food for the picnic was made by teachers and helpers who rose at 5.30am to prepare sandwiches, cakes and fruit and drinks—usually cordial.

Each Sunday if you went to Church you were given a small coloured picture of a biblical event to put in a booklet about the size of a small envelope with 4 pictures to a page.  52 pictures meant a prize of a book of biblical stories.

As a teenager there were Saturday night games, square and Scottish dancing and on Sunday evenings, after church, hymn singing around the piano in the Manse.  My favourite then and now is “I walk in the garden alone”.

I would enjoy reading other people’s reminiscences of their early days in the Church. (Judith Frankcom)

Latest news of Crossroaders

This roving reporter asked Matthew Walker about surviving lockdown “It’s the same as the first time; Suzanne is working from home four days, and Sebastian is occupying most of my time.” Matthew uses his 3D printer to produce steering wheels, dash displays and parts for super car simulation racing games. Sebastian is now 11 months, taking a couple of steps and making a wonderful range of sounds.

Eileen Bolton’s dog Max doesn’t mind the lockdown; he’s often sleeping, and a bit deaf.

So he missed the balaclava-masked miscreant who hopped over the back fence and stole the family’s four chooks – “good layers, they were”. Eileen says: “I do miss church.  Elizabeth Barnes kindly brings the CONNECTION, and I can watch Debbie’s church in her home”.

Housekeeping & Help

Pastoral care will be maintained during these difficult days but it is subject to the rules regarding access to hospitals and aged care homes.

Please contact Rev. Annetia Goldsmith for any pastoral care needs.


The Church Office is open 9.30 am–12 noon, Monday–Friday

Telephone 03 9741 1084.  Postal address is PO Box 2156 Werribee 3030.