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Kid's Hope 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Crossroads Kid's Hope Team

Crossroads Kid's Hope Team

The photo above shows our current dedicated mentors: Sandra Savory, Caz Lewis, Rose Geilen, Jan Bradley, Geoff Gook, Mike Lewis and Vivien Bleakley.

Kids Hope is Australia’s largest early intervention, school-based mentoring program. Disadvantaged primary school children are matched with mentors from a local church. Caring relationships with mentors have a significant impact on children because they help to meet their emotional and social development needs and enhance their capacity to learn. Kids Hope-mentored children show increased self-esteem, confidence and resilience.

Since October 2007, mentors from our church have been visiting children at Werribee Primary School, reaching out because of their faith in a loving God. Each mentor works with one child for one hour a week. Over the last 10 years we have had 31 mentors giving of their time and energy to develop a caring relationship with 52 children. They have been supported by 28 prayer partners. We are very grateful to everyone involved for the positive difference they have made for so many children. The support of our whole church of this program is much appreciated by all involved. This is an amazing outreach that has impacted an amazing number of lives.

This morning we welcome Tim Smith from Kids Hope Aus Head Office and thank him for his support and encouragement. We also welcome others who have been involved in the programme over the years and who are here for this special event.
We hope you enjoy celebrating this wonderful programme with us today. For more information, please chat with Sandra (Kids Hope Co-ordinator at Crossroads).


O(ccasional) S(unday) L(unch) O(ut) Christmas!

We will celebrating Christmas on 26th Nov. At the Hoppers Club corner of Mossfield  and Pannam Drive. It will be a Carvery Roast with soup and sweet for $18.95. Everyone is welcome but please contact Lorna or Elaine by 23rd Nov for bookings.  If, after you have booked, you can’t attend, do let them know before the 26th.

An experience of Chinese Christianity

Last week’s story of James Edgar (Kevin’s grandfather) was written by Neil Tolliday.  Neil himself worked in China in 2004–5.  This is story about his experience of Chinese Christianity.

I worked in two university cities, Fuzhou and Qindao.  I had heard that Mao’s revolution had crushed and persecuted the followers of Christ Jesus.  I was surprised to find that the Christian church was active, with hundreds of people crowding in to public Sunday worship services.  I found that the government allows the Three-Self Church to exist, singing the songs taught by missionaries.  However, the underground ‘house churches’ are a continuing irritant to the Beijing regime; thousands of Christians meeting for Bible study and prayer.  They meet secretly to avoid the interference of the government.  But how did the church persist, when it had been nearly wiped out?  I needed to know.

My Chinese Christian student friends told me their stories, during my stay in China in those two years.  Some Christian students were converts of recent overseas ‘missionary teachers’ coming from the West undercover as English teacher in the universities of China (subject to a clamp down by the government in 2005).

A common thread that I found is the ‘grandmother’.  Qi Dong Mei, engineering major at Ocean University in Qingdao said, “My grandma, bless her, kept her precious bible beside her bed, and she told me about the missionaries who began a church in her village, Yimiapo, in Heilongjiang Province.  She taught me songs like “Jesus bids us shine”.

At the University of Forestry and Agriculture, Fuzhou, amongst students and academics are vivid memories of the famous local evangelist Watchman Nee.  Nee was converted in the 1920s by western missionaries, and enthusiastically preached and planted churches called ‘The Little Flock’ on his many travels into the villages of Fuzhou province.  Li Da, studying for a Masters in Commerce told me grandma was a member of the ‘Little Flock’ congregation in Xiamen (formerly the treaty port of Amoy).

Also in Fuzhou city, Hwa Nan College, a school for girls was begun by American Methodist Episcopal women missionaries in 1908.  The school was relocated 120 miles up the Min River to Nanping when the Japanese occupies Fuzhou in 1938.  It was closed by order of Mao’s revolutionary government in 1951, but the buildings remained intact.  After the political thaw instituted by Deng Xiao Ping in 1976, women alumni came together and restored the school as a going concern, and it how has an enrolment of more than 500, with some Christian staff coming from overseas, mainly the USA. Generations of Christian women educated at Hwa Nan have carried the love of Jesus in their lives. The many hospitals, schools, medical clinics, and universities established by missionaries in China over 150 years laid the ground work for the indigenous churches and millions of Chinese Christians today.

Worship Plan for this week

Today's Worship

9.30 am Family Worship, led by Rev. Mike Lewis.

Following worship today

Please join us for morning tea in the foyer.

Activities this week

Monday: Playgroup, 9.30 am in the Foyer.
Wednesday: Seniors’ Christmas Lunch 12 pm in the Foyer.
Thursday: Bible Study 8 pm at the Savorys’, 14 Bolwell St, Werribee.
Saturday: 6.30 pm STAN at David and Sharron Inglis. Please let them know if you are intending to come. 

Next Sunday — 19 November 2017

9.30 am Family Worship, led by Rev. Mike Lewis.

Rosters for Next Week

Duty Elder: Robyn Tomkins
M’g Tea: Dorothy Rookes & Elaine Belcher
Flowers: Margaret Forrester
Reader: Val Tardrew
Greeting: Kevin Edgar
AV Desk: Roland Geilen
Prayers: Rose Geilen
Piano: Jeremy Withers

Bible Readings next week: Ezekiel 34:11–16, 10–24; Psalm 100; Ephesians 1:15–23; Matthew 25:31–46.

Prayer Calendar this week : Presbytery officers: Chairperson Bruce Watson, Secretary Judi Mus, Treasurer Ian Pooley.

Housekeeping & Help


Uniting Christmas Cards for sale

Uniting Wyndham (which is the former UnitingCare Werribee Support & Housing) is our local branch of the new Uniting network of community service agencies throughout Victoria and Tasmania.

Christmas cards in packets of 10 for $9, in either a single design or variety of designs, are available today from Judy O’Keefe in the foyer after the worship service.


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