We acknowledge the original custodians, the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin alliance, of the land on which our buildings of worship stand and on which we gather.


7 Days of Solidarity

During the week June 20–26 Crossroads Werribee Uniting congregation will celebrate “7 Days of Solidarity”, along with many other congregations of the Uniting Church in Australia.
We’ll be learning about and supporting some of our partner churches: Protestant Christian Church in Bali, Congregational Church of Tuvalu, Methodist Church in Fiji, Church of North India, United Church in Papua and New Guinea, and Methodist Church in Zimbabwe.

These churches share with us in the loving mission of Jesus Christ to the world, expressed in different ways according to different contexts.
In Bali, tourism has collapsed with the Covid 19 epidemic and the church is alongside their people struggling economically in a time of recovery. In Tuvalu, global warming brings rising seas, with loss of land and changing climate. Tropical cyclone Yasa devastated Fiji causing damage into the billions. ‘Untouchable’ communities in North India need access to education about political and human rights. In Papua New Guinea, the education of new leaders in the church is supported by the collaboration of Uniting World, the development agency of the Uniting Church in Australia.
Members of our Crossroads congregation are invited to act locally in a variety of ways, engaging with our church partners in prayer and giving. Please visit
A series of half-hour Bible studies and prayer during the previous week, leading up to Sunday June 26, led by our minister Annetia will be available on zoom at 7 pm each day. Annetia says: “We’ll be sharing stories and looking at how the Gospel really changes lives through Uniting World and their partners across the world.”
Join zoom meeting (NT)

Life in Uniting AgeWell

Now that Robert R has been in residence since April we agreed that there’s a story to be told about Uniting Age Well Manor Lakes. Manor Lakes facility is part of the Uniting Church’s caring, not-for-profit outreach to elderly people. When the Uniting Church came in to being in 1977, Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational churches brought together many well-known facilities which had been started by visionary volunteers aware of the Church’s Gospel imperative “Love your neighbour.”
Uniting Age Well is a company limited by guarantee, a charity legally separate from the Uniting Church in order to receive Federal Government health funding but managed by the Uniting Church and its representatives. It is overseen by the Government’s aged care commission.
Manor Lakes Uniting Age Well is located on Buffalo Crescent near the Wyndham Vale Rail Station, with about 85 residents, offering respite and permanent care.
Robert says: “I came here because of physical disability as a result of inclusion body myositis. I’m not able now to stand up or walk. I need to be in a place where there is a hoist and nursing help. I was pleased to know there was a place available for me at Uniting AgeWell.”
I asked “How do you manage in the institutional culture?” Robert says: “Yes, it’s institutional but I’ve made up my mind it’s going to work. I have an excellent motorised wheelchair, which enables me to travel indoors and out. The staff are professional and experienced in their care for me and other residents, and, frankly it is so well run and of very high quality. It’s nothing like the poor image created in the media of aged care homes, and I’m happy and I’ve plenty to do each day.” (NT)

O.S.L.O. Occasional Sunday Lunches Out

Our next lunch will be next Sunday 26 June. We are booked into Club Laverton at 12 midday. They have senior meals. Please contact Elaine before Thursday 23 June for catering purposes. Everyone is welcome!

African Violets available

I have a few African violet plants for sale in the foyer today. They have pink flowers and come from a plant grown by Joan S. Proceeds to the fete. (Mary D)

Advance notice: Greenfaith Week of Action

Greenfaith & Australian Religious Response to Climate Change – “Week of Action: October 2–9 leading up to COP 27 in Egypt.” Around the world, people of faith will be demonstrating prophetic leadership, provoking climate justice. Oct 2 in the Christian calendar is St Francis’ feast—blessing of animals. Many Christian churches celebrate the Season of Creation in October, and Oct 9 is Jewish Festival of Succot—celebrating the fruits of the earth. All-night vigils outside MPs offices are one way of demonstrating solidarity with the planet and the wretched of the earth. I hope our Crossroads Uniting Church Werribee will be in dialogue with Werribee River Association, leader in ecology conservation. (NT)

Progressive Christianity (part 2)

The six points outlined last week are fairly generalised, and few traditional believers would take exception to some of them; however, in some areas there are significant differences. The Bible, for example, is regarded as the ‘holy Word of God’ and, by the most conservative of traditional believers, as the inspired ‘inerrant’ (free from errors) word of God and everything in it is taken to be literally true, that the events and stories in it are descriptions of real events, even the seven days of creation in Genesis.
This is not the case for Progressive Christians who would understand the Bible to be a unique collection of various kinds of literature, some history, some legends, some poetry, etc., created by people, and which is important most of all for providing us with our understanding of Jesus and his message. Of course, there are many ‘mainline’ Christians who also understand the Bible this way.
Progressive Christians also recognise that traditional formulations of belief (e.g., the Apostles and Nicene creeds) have been generated by the historical church and are not the ‘words of God’, therefore new understanding and expressions of belief are possible and desirable. (RR)

7 Days of Solidarity:

You can download the booklet: or get a booklet available at the foyer. Make a gift to stand in solidarity with our global neighbours by using the envelops provided or online:

What’s On This Week

  • Monday: 9.30am Playgroup
  • Thursday: 9.30am Gardening Group (Crossroads)

Bible Readings – 19 June 2022

1 Kings 19:1–15a; Galatians 3:23–29; Luke 8:26–39; Psalms 42 & 43.






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Housekeeping & Help

Pastoral care will be maintained during these difficult days but it is subject to the rules regarding access to hospitals and aged care homes.

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Audrey will be the primary contact on Mondays and Thursdays and Annetia at other times.


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