Crossroads Connection

We acknowledge the original custodians, the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin alliance, of the land on which our buildings of worship stand and on which we gather.


The Watermill (Arnold Zable)

Zable is a Melbourne writer, who weaves stories of his Jewish childhood in Carlton around those of asylum seekers and indigenous Victorians, in a colourful tapestry.

He tells of survivors of Bergen Belsen, the Holocaust concentration camp, and their remarkable theatre company, re-born from the ashes of world war two, linked with Melbourne’s Jewish community.

Zable’s collection of memories begins with his experience as a young English teacher in Guizhou province, southern China in the 1980s, emerging from Mao’s cultural revolution.  Exposed to the ancient cultures of immigrant ethnic groups, he appreciates the ancient culture of the Jews transplanted in to his Melbourne.

Meeting with a Kurdish family forced from Iraq into Iran during Hussein’s war, and then escaping on a smuggler’s boat to Ashmore Reef; the doomed SIEV-X,  Zable tells of the human spirit of resilience in the face of unimaginable loss and grief when dear ones are lost to the ocean.

The survivors of Corranderrk, Aboriginal community of Wurundjeri people near Healesville are re-visited, as Zable meets with descendants of Robert Wandin and William Barak, who fought officialdom and greed to conserve Indigenous culture and language against genocidal invasion.

I borrowed this book from Wyndham Libraries just before lock down; I look forward to the day when my beloved Plaza Library re-opens!

(Review by and thanks to Neil Tolliday)

Worship Plan for this week

Online worship services

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all services of public worship are being held online until further notice.

Bible Readings – 23 August 2020

Exodus 1:8–2:10; Romans 12:1–8; Matthew 16:1–12); Psalm 124.

Rosters for 23 August 2020

Greetings: Salote Tupou

Prayers of the People: Rose Geilen

Reader: Betty Parker

Flowers: Lyn O’Meara

Piano: Wendy Barnes


Crossroads people

“We’re managing”, says Julie Hamilton, when I asked her about her dad, John McHardy, who lives in a unit at Heathglen Retirement Village. “Over the last 8 weeks he’s been in and out of hospital, with a chest infection and heart problem. Now he feels much better, and his appetite is good.  He appreciates me cooking his meals at his home”, says Julie.

“As for me, since the swimming pools are closed for Covid19 lockdown, I miss regular swim exercise.   I’m still working at McKillop College, with a skeleton staff on site. To my friends at church, I say ‘Stay well!’”


Kingsley and Angela Tampiappa say “We’re OK, thank God. Our grand-daughter Kathleen is staying with us; she is a teacher working remotely with her students”. Kathleen says that’s nothing like being together with the children. “Having a car, Kathleen helps us with our shopping”. “We have cousins in Sri Lanka; that country’s military regime has the Covid-19 under control.  People’s movements are easily tracked, and life seems normal”, says Angela.

Angela says: “We miss our church friends on Sunday mornings.  I wish blessing to all of you.”


Over in Sanctuary Lakes, Vince Li, his wife Mary and their family are settling in to their new home.  Vince is planting camellias, gardenias, and jasmine; together with fruit trees such as peach and pomegranate.

This writer and Vince have a regular zoom meeting; we share news of happenings in mainland China, where the Beijing regime appears to managing Covid-19 outbreaks.

Vince is able to view our Sunday morning worship service on Facebook, especially the sermons preached by the Rev. Annetia. On Zoom, we share our response to the scripture and the preaching.

He says: “I believe that God is testing his people to keep faith in Jesus.  I send blessing to my many good brothers and sisters in the Crossroads congregation.”


We appreciate the musical greeting from Wendy Barnes and her husband Phil, with the Sunday morning worship service. Wendy says ”The song ‘Whispering Hope’ portrays the goodness of God in a time of hardship.  Don’t give up hope, keep your faith!”

“I feel frustrated that we can’t visit and see family.  One of our daughters is expecting a baby soon, and I wish I could share in the joy of their newborn child.”

Wendy and Phil have moved recently into their new retirement village; they are glad to find new friends. Wendy is recovering from fractures following her spectacular dive on to a concrete path. Phil’s regular medical treatment continues, and they say “We are finding support from friends at Crossroads.  We greet you, and say ‘Keep warm and well.’”


Holly the cat, Anine and Jeremy Withers say ‘Hello’ to friends and family out there at Crossroads. Says Jeremy Withers, “Holly is glad to have our company now that we are home, and just follows us from room to room.”

Jeremy works for Parks Victoria.  “I was a Ranger at Brimbank Park, and now I’m with the information section, working from home”. Anine works in graphic design for a printing company, normally in Moorabbin, and she too feels lucky not to be travelling to work 2-3 hours per day.

“I’m missing amateur theatre, and the buzz from creating shows together. Now, until things return to normal we are creating new work virtually on line, via zoom or face-time.  So we are thinking outside the box”, says Jeremy.

Thank you from David and Salote Tupou

We should have sent this 11 months ago but we didn’t realise how fast time goes by. Twelve months ago feel like yesterday to us as Joseph passed on to the next life.

We would like to thank you all for the support, lending hands and prayers that helped us through during the loss of our only son. Your continuing encouragement and kindness have helped us—mentally, physically and spiritually.

Thank you to each and every one for your prayers, thoughts, love, cards, and flowers that we received.

As we express our appreciation, $1,000 has been deposited to the church account for God’s work and missionaries as a token of our thanks and to mark Joseph’s one year anniversary.

Thank you from the Church Council

The Church Council is very grateful for the continuing financial support that you have provided during these difficult times. We have been buoyed by the news from our Treasurer that the giving has been almost as high as we would have hoped even if there was not this closure of Sunday services in person.

For those of you who have been able and ready to take cash to the church office, we thank you, but we have to ask you to hold on to the cash for the next six or so weeks, as it has been necessary under Stage 4 lockdown for the office to be closed.

Lots of thanks to Neil Tolliday for his indefatigable efforts in gathering all these interviews and news!

Housekeeping & Help

Pastoral care will be maintained during these difficult days but it is subject to the rules regarding access to hospitals and aged care homes.

Please contact Rev. Annetia Goldsmith for any pastoral care needs.


Please note that due to the Covid-19 Stage 4 restrictions the Church Office will not be attended.  Please contact us via email or phone 03 9741 1084

Telephone 03 9741 1084.  Postal address is PO Box 2156 Werribee 3030.