We acknowledge the original custodians, the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin alliance, of the land on which our buildings of worship stand and on which we gather.


Nungalinya College at 16th Assembly

On day one of the Uniting Church in Australia 16th Assembly in Brisbane, President Sharon H led a liturgy of renewal together with Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress Interim Chairperson the Rev. Mark Kickett. “It was a time of celebration and commitment”.
A highlight of this week’s Assembly has been the leadership of Bible Studies on Creation by people of Nungalinya College, Darwin. Nungalinya, founded in 1974, is an adult education college co-operative venture of the Anglican, Catholic and Uniting churches.

The Rev. Scott C induction as Dean of Students

The latest e-newsletter and facebook page of Nungalinya illustrates the recent installation of a Garden of Eden walking trail, in the College grounds. Striking work from the recent “Art and Faith” short course focuses on the passion of Jesus. Elders from 12 First Languages participated in a Languages Workshop on the “Scriptural Way of the Cross.”
This is the first year of the UN Decade of Indigenous Languages 2022 -2032.

One of the leaders at Assembly this week is the Rev. Deacon Kirsty Burgu, a Uniting Church pastor, serving at Mowanjum community. The remarkable art work of Kirsty and others illustrates the Assembly’s Creation Bible studies. (NT)

National Reconciliation Week

Good news! Vince R, former director of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC) in Victoria, and founder of Narana Creations Tourism and Interpretive Centre Grovedale will visit Crossroads UC morning worship on Sunday 29 May, and will join in a welcoming lunch afterwards. Members of the congregation are asked to notify Mary D for catering arrangements if attending.

National Reconciliation Week includes significant anniversaries: the destruction of the Juukan gorge cave paintings by Rio Tinto Corp PLC on 24 May 2020. (Rio Tinto’s net profit that year was $21 billion.) May 26 1998 was the first National Sorry Day, when the Bringing Them Home Report was tabled in the House of Representatives. (Chairperson was Uniting Church President Sir Ronald W). On 27 May 1967 the Referendum establishing Aboriginal citizenship in Australia was achieved. 28 May 2000 was the day of the Reconciliation Walk of 250,000 people across Sydney Harbour Bridge and June 3 is Mabo Day, anniversary of the High Court judgment in Eddie Mabo v Queensland, which overturned the doctrine of Terra Nullius that Australia was unoccupied when first invaded by Europeans. “is a helpful guide for activities in the western suburbs, being developed by indigenous people,” says Kerrie G at the Wyndham City Council. “It includes a flyer for the Tree Planting Day on Saturday 28 May at 25 Muirhead Crescent Werribee near the river.”

Kerry continues “I encourage church members to go to the Brimbank Council’s “Songs and Stories with Kutcha Edwards, another highlight of Reconciliation Week.” (Neil T)

National Reconciliation Week

National Reconciliation Week is a national annual celebration that is held from 27 May to 3 June each year and encourages us to continue to build relationship between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous peoples of all cultures in these lands now called Australia. This year’s National Reconciliation Week theme is “Be Brave. Make Change” and Common Grace is leading us as Christians in these lands now called Australia with the theme “Reconciliation as Love in Action”.
We recognise all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Nations of the lands now known as Australia. We acknowledge the people of the Wadawurrung, Woiwurrung and Boonwurrung languages in the Kulin Nation as the First Custodians of these grasslands, waterways and basalt plains.

For tens of thousands of years, the Werribee River has been a significant meeting place for a diversity of Aboriginal people to build community, exchange resources, and share responsibility for its lands. We pay respect to the wisdom of Ancestors and resilience of Elders, past and present. We recognise the ongoing impacts of colonisation for generations of Aboriginal people and this land. We commit ourselves to learning and working together to determine a better future, grounded in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of caring for the whole earth community.

Next Messy church is Sunday 22nd May

4.30pm until 6.30pm. Donations of Soup, Sandwiches and fruit would be much appreciated. Please let Margaret G know if you would like to help.

What’s On This Week

  • Today: 12 noon OSLO
  • Monday: 9.30am Playgroup
  • Thursday: 9.30am Gardening Group
  • Friday: 1 pm Sew ‘n’ Sow

Bible Readings – 15 May 2022

Acts 11:1–18; John 13:31–35; Revelation 21:1–6; Psalm 148






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15 May

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22 May

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