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Avenues of faith  (by Ian Menzies)

The poignancy of Australia’s Avenues of Honour is remarkable. Many, now approaching or past the 100th anniversary of their planting, are showing signs of age or decay. Some have been removed entirely, their memorial plaques relocated or lost, while others have been replanted with love and care in the hope that they will stand in silent testimony for another 100 years.

Like most gardeners, those doing such replanting have an eye on the future, a vision of dappled shade and stately grandeur remarkably beyond that of the seedlings or twiggy saplings being planted. Their intention is to honour the past, to continue the recognition of the sacrifice of lifetimes and lives of those being recalled, and echoes the intentions of those before them. Doing so requires both faith and foresight.

Trees fulfil this task so well, their majesty mutely ensuring that we are reminded of those who gave their all, as well as those who loved them. A shared and awful grief gave birth to visions of beautiful avenues stretching not only along roadsides but into a future that some knew they would never see but generously gave towards regardless.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second-best time is now. (Traditional proverb)

Clean Up Campbell’s Cove

Today, between 11.30 am and 12.30 pm: BBQ lunch to follow, provided by the Australian India Foundation. To get to Campbell’s Cove, travel Cunningham’s Rd, turn left into Campbell’s Cove Rd, and park in the car park at the end of the road past the beach huts.

Help received, and help still needed

Envision hands have not only reached their target of 2,000,000 caps, but they have surpassed it—by a huge margin! They have collected 5,000,000 in Victoria alone. Thank you to everyone who donated! They are pausing this program for the time being. The caps are turned into 100 prosthetic hands and arms for children. But we will continue to collect bread tags for wheelchairs!

Fellowship for African Youth

On Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, a lively activity is in progress at our Crossroads centre.

You’ll see young African people wearing the T-shirt “Youth with Love” and “UDOLGC”, which stands for the United Denomination of Light Group of Churches.

Leader of the group is Prince Fabrice Rukondo Rugonumagabo, a pastor of Mustard Seed Chapel International, a part of UDOLGC.  He says, “Call me Prince”.

Prince says: “UDOLGC is a Scripture-believing church.  I want to do something for God and young African people—to take them out of the streets, and enable positive transformation of the mind”.

“On Fridays we have Youth Service, with Christian music, Christian rap, Christian poetry—and food, with Christian fellowship,” says Prince.  “On Saturdays we teach dance and musical instruments.  This is our outreach”.

Prince was born in Burundi, a land-locked former colony of Belgium, during a civil war between Hutu and Tutsi peoples, which spilled over into next-door Rwanda. His family escaped in 1993, firstly to the Republic of Congo, then became refugees in Tanzania, living in  eleven different camps. His mother was a social worker in the camps, and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) workers, noting her dedication and ability, enabled the family to migrate to Australia, arriving in 2004.

Prince spoke seven languages except English, however he taught himself Australian English very quickly and started school here. He now works as a fund raiser for UNHCR.  “I want to give back to God and the people who have helped my family,“ he says.  (NT)

Worship Plan for this week

Today’s worship services

9.30 am Family Service (Rev. Valerie Johnson)
11.45 am Lisu Service
2 pm Sudanese Fellowship

Activities this week

Monday: 9.30 am Playgroup (Foyer); 7.30 pm Card Making
Wednesday: 6 pm Church Council
Thursday: 8 pm Home Group
Friday: 9.30 am Uniting Playgroup (Foyer);
1 pm Sew’n’Sow (at Avon Iskov’s);
5 pm African Youth (Foyer)
Saturday: 10 am African Youth (Foyer)

Bible Readings – 17 November 2019

Isaiah 65:17–25; Isaiah 12; 2 Thessalonians 3:6–13; Luke 21:5–19.

Rosters for Next Week

Rosters for 17 November 2019

Minister: Rev. Ian Pearse
Duty Elder: Margaret Gook
Greeting: Rose Geilen
Morning Tea: Judy Frankcom & Lorraine Sewell
Flowers: Elaine Bailey
Reader: Bev Lambie
AV Desk: Rob Bradley
Prayers of the People: Robyn Tomkins
Piano: Wendy Barnes

Housekeeping & Help

If you or someone you know is in need of pastoral care, please don’t hesitate to contact either Robyn Tomkins or Robert Renton.  We’re keen to make sure that when people know that someone has gone into hospital or is otherwise ‘out of sorts’, that they are not forgotten.  If we don’t know that someone has suffered some misfortune we are not likely to be able to visit or offer support in some way; so please let us know in such a circumstance.


Christmas cards

Uniting Christmas cards in packs of 10 (5 varieties) at $10 a pack are now available. Judy O’Keeffe has order forms.

O.S.L.O. Christmas Sunday Lunch

24 November at 12 noon we will be celebrating Christmas at our usual venue at the Hoppers Club, Pannam Drive, Hoppers Crossing. There will a carvery, soup and dessert for $20. Everyone welcome so come and join us at our last O.S.L.O. for the year. Contact Elaine or Lorna by Thursday 21 Nov. for numbers.

Special service of dedication and lunch

On Sunday 1 December we will be celebrating the completion of the new roof work on the church and the old manse. We start with a communion service at 9.30 am, joined by the Lisu and Sudanese congregations, and following a short break, the service of dedication and thanksgiving will take place at 11.30 am in the church.

This will be followed by a catered roast lunch (free of charge for all). It is essential that you let the office or Margaret Gook know if you will come to the lunch (for catering purposes) by 24 November.

Remembrance and Thanksgiving Service

Our annual Remembrance and Thanksgiving Service will be held at the church on the Wednesday 27 November at 7 pm. If you can help with the supper on the night, please let Robyn Tomkins know. If you know of people who may like to come, please bring them with you. All are welcome.

Religion and the environment

The October edition of “Habitat” tells stories of unlikely activists doing their bit for the environment. The editor of Habitat says “Across the religious spectrum, many view environmentalism as an important part of their faith”.

Neil Tolliday says, “I warmed to the story of Sister Barbara Daniel, a Catholic nun and member of the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC), a multi-faith organisation urging our government to act on global warming”.

Sister Barbara says “My congregation has made a statement about our place in the universe. We said ‘We acknowledge that all planetary life is seriously imperilled to a degree never before known in human history’.  I am a human being with responsibility, along with people of other faith traditions, to  bring about awareness and the need for urgent action.  Can we bring enough love into our world to effect this change?”


Church Office is open 9.30 am–12 noon, Monday–Friday

Telephone 03 9741 1084.  Postal address is PO Box 2156 Werribee 3030.