We acknowledge the original custodians, the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin alliance, of the land on which our buildings of worship stand and on which we gather.





Gondwana Theology
In the circles of my Presbyterian youth, a book such as Gary Worete Deverell’s Gondwana Theology would have been regarded as shocking.
Here is a Tasmanian aboriginal Anglican priest, who writes that the Dreaming has as much deep religious importance as the Christian gospel and the sacred texts of the world faiths. He says “The stories which represent my own dreaming tradition have been embraced by God in the person of Christ just as much as those of the Europeans. For Christ translates all tongues and cultures into the speech of heaven”.
Deverell’s clan’s survived the genocidal “Black War,” when the Van Diemen’s Land Company ordered massacres during the 1820s up till 1832. The Cape Grim killings 10 February 1828, were documented at that time. Shepherds killed 30 persons of the Peerapper Clan.
His family are direct descendants of the Trawloolway mob’s head man Manalargenna. Of the original 18,000 Palawa George Augustus Robinson took a trusting small remainder to the death prison camp on Flinders Island. Of those, only 50 survivors went to Oyster Cove.
Deverell’s people the Trouwerner lived for between 30 and 40 thousand years on country around the Ringarooma River in north-eastern Tasmania. Their creation stories (“secrets, the call and address of the divine”) were told to Robinson by Manalargenna and remarkably preserved. “We are descendants of the ancestor-creators… we ask permission to cross that country and give thanks to them for their bountiful provision”.
 Deverall speaks with the honesty of a pastor who has worked with the Baptists, the Uniting Church and now the Anglican Church. He writes of “the Australian church’s dismissal of the First Nations’ agenda; a lack of commitment to the costly provision of recompense, a more just settlement and a voice within the policy-making bodies of our churches”. (From Neil T)

Operation Santa – still time to help!

Uniting Wyndham gives brand new toys and gifts to families at Christmas, and in the past people gave such gifts to be distributed. However, due to the complication of the coronavirus, people in need will be given gift vouchers instead of toys. You can either donate by giving Rose G  cash or a cheque and she’ll pass it on, or you can give via GoFundMe:

(Contact Shelley J – 0466 592 505)

Bible readers wanted!

Our bible readers roster is coming to an end, and we are looking for new volunteers. If you have been following the online services, you will have seen that it can be helpful if you are willing to be videoed doing the readings. The text of the reading is created by the online manager. Please contact Rose G if you are interested.

Online service support

A huge thank you to Roland G who has voluntarily managed the online services without fail for all of this year, despite working full-time. He has done a great job and we have all appreciated his efforts—and his help for many of us who are nowhere near as technically-savvy as he is. However, he has decided to retire, so we are now looking for someone who may be prepared to take up the role from the start of 2021. If you are interested, please contact Margaret G.

“The Legacy”

She could not give her children gold, so she gave them faith to have and hold. She could not give them royal birth… a name renowned throughout the earth. But she gave them seeds and garden spot, and shade trees when the sun was hot. She could not give a silver spoon, or servants waiting night and noon. She gave them love and a listening ear, and told them God was always near. She could not give them ocean trips, aboard majestic sailing ships. But she gave them books and quiet time adventures found in prose and rhyme. She could not give them worldly things,  but what she gave was fit for kings. For with her faith and books and sod, She made each child aware of God.

(by Alice Leedy Mason: submitted by Sue McKee)


by Neil T

Luciana A of Crossroads Werribee congregation has shown much determination to ride her bike for a month, covering 300 km, raising over $1500 from sponsors for the Children’s Medical Research Institute.

Luciana says: “I thank those friends who rode on many different routes with me, and those who gave financial support.

It’s not about the destination, it’s the journey. This has been an opportunity God gave me to serve him. Let’s hope for a future without cancer!”

Also, Lauren D reports that her husband Geoff D joined the Great Cycle Challenge.  “He rode 501 km and raised just over $1300. Geoff even had a broken spoke and had to use a different bike for a week while his got fixed,” says Lauren.

The Children’s Medical Research Institute works for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and finding a cure for childhood cancer.

(Let’s pray for children with cancer, their families and the doctors and nurses at the Royal Children’s Hospital; and for medical researchers.)

“How are you adapting to the Covid19 lockdown?” I asked Carol J

“I’m missing my voluntary pastoral visiting at Uniting Age Well in Manor Lakes.  That’s been part of my life over 4 years, and I meet good people.  I’ve not been able to go there since July”.

“We’ve got to get used to the virus.  I’m finding it hard to get back into socialising. Helen G and I go for a walk in nearby Wyndham Vale.  Now that restrictions are being lifted, I’m going to Portland to see my brother after November 8, and my mum’s sister in Ballarat,” says Carol.

She says: “At present, I’ve been cleaning out cupboards.  The St Vinnies Op Shop off Old Geelong Road in Hoppers Crossing was taking clothing. I took six boxes there.”

“We are very lucky compared to other countries. Things are improving here in Melbourne now; all the cars are coming back to the Werribee Plaza!” says Carol. Carol misses going to church. “My great niece helps me with my internet, and I get CONNECTION by email; but it’s not the same. I hope everyone’s well. I wish you all ‘hello and keep safe!’” (NT)

Worship Plan for this coming week

15th November

Bible Readings

Judges 4:1–7; Psalm 123; I Thessalonians 5:1–11; Matthew 25:14–30.


  • Greetings: Robert R
  • Prayers of the People: Rose G
  • Reader: Lyn O
  • Flowers: Bev C

Housekeeping & Help

Pastoral care will be maintained during these difficult days but it is subject to the rules regarding access to hospitals and aged care homes.

Please contact Rev. Annetia Goldsmith for any pastoral care needs.


Starting from Monday 9th of November the church office will be open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9.30am to 12 noon.

Telephone 03 9741 1084.  Postal address is PO Box 2156 Werribee 3030.