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Zacchaeus: lost and found

Luke has consistently shown how Jesus cared for those in need and for those rejected by society. In the Zacchaeus account these themes are summed up in beautiful detail. The account is unique to Luke's Gospel, just as the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin and the compassionate father are. Luke always portrays tax collectors favourably (3:12; 7:29; 15:1; 18:10). In return to Jesus' openness to him, Zacchaeus makes the proper response. Having accepted Jesus' initiative, Zacchaeus becomes generous with his resources, even seeking to make restitution for past wrongs. He is a rich man who gets through the eye of the needle. (From a Bible commentary online:

Multifaith Dinner

The dinner last Wednesday night was enjoyed by a full house of 320 people representing all major religious faiths—Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Mormon, Sikh, Baha’I— in Wyndham. Crossroads folk made up two tables at the Encore Centre, Werribee.

The annual dinner is organized by Wyndham Inter-Faith Network, a partnership with local and State civic authorities, held together by a sense of common humanity and goodwill.

Highlights were the address by Anglican Bishop Philip Huggins (President of the Australian Council of Churches), performances of music and dancing by faith communities, and the Peace Choir conducted by Jonathan Welch AM, and the opportunity to make new friends across the divides of religion and ethnicity. (NT)

EARLY NOTICE! We plan to have a special service of dedication of the new roofs at 11.30 am following the normal service on Sunday 1 December. This will be followed by a free catered lunch. Reserve the date in your diary now! (It will be an RSVP event for catering purposes, too.)

Welcome to a new family

Do you know that the Kingdom of Tonga is comprised of three groups of islands, an archipelago south east of Fiji? Missionaries of the Methodist church brought the Good News of Jesus about 1833, and the people of the Kingdom of Tonga, including the royal family, accepted the Christian faith.

Many Tongan folk, faithful descendants of the early Wesleyan Methodists, have migrated over the years to Australia, ministers and laypersons enriching the life of our UCA.

Salote Tupou, our church treasurer and David her husband are loved members of our church.

Hibeam and Mary Tanginoa, and their two sons William and Daniel are newly attending Crossroads this year.

The family, originally from Tonga, then New Zealand and Sydney have found new friends.

“We were told by family members that Crossroads is a caring community,” says Hibeam. “Some years ago there was a Tongan fellowship here, meeting on Sundays.”

“We feel welcome here, and are happy there is activity for our boys to participate in,” says Mary.

William and Daniel have settled in to Wyndham Park Primary School – now they are looking for a junior rugby club to join.

Hibeam drives a big truck (with a hook!) collecting large skip bins around the western suburbs. Mary is upskilling her resume; she says “After many years in New Zealand as a teacher of special needs, I am now studying for a Diploma of Community Services.”
Let’s look out for Hibeam, Mary, William and Daniel on Sundays; and pray God’s blessing on their family. (NT)

Worship Plan for this week

Today’s worship services

9.30 am Holy Communion (Rev. Ian Pearse)

11.45 am Lisu Service

2 pm Sudanese Fellowship

Activities this week

Monday: 9.30 am Playgroup (Foyer)

Wednesday: 10.30 am Church Council Executive;

1 pm UCAF (Foyer)

Friday: 9.30 am Uniting Playgroup (Foyer);

5 pm African Youth (Foyer)

Saturday: 10 am African Youth (Foyer)

Sunday: 11.30am Beach Patrol;

7pm Choir Practice

Bible Readings – 10 November 2019

Haggai 1:15b–2:9; Psalm 145:1–5, 17–21 or Psalm 98; 2 Thessalonians 2:1–5, 13–17; Luke 20:27–38.

Rosters for Next Week

Rosters for 10 November 2019

Minister: Rev. Valerie Johnson
Duty Elder: Julie Rees
Greeting: Kur Mag
Morning Tea: Margaret Gook & Dorothy Rookes
Flowers: Salote Tupou
Reader: Deb Cochran
AV Desk: Roland Geilen
Prayers of the People: Blair Dixon
Piano: Gina Lee

Housekeeping & Help

If you or someone you know is in need of pastoral care, please don’t hesitate to contact either Robyn Tomkins or Robert Renton.  We’re keen to make sure that when people know that someone has gone into hospital or is otherwise ‘out of sorts’, that they are not forgotten.  If we don’t know that someone has suffered some misfortune we are not likely to be able to visit or offer support in some way; so please let us know in such a circumstance.


Christmas cards

Uniting Christmas cards in packs of 10 (5 varieties) at $10 a pack are now available. Judy O’Keeffe has order forms.

Uniting Church Adult Fellowship (UCAF)

Our meeting will be held next Wednesday 6th November at Crossroads at 1.00 pm.    This will be our Annual General meeting.    Members are reminded that our membership and Network subscriptions ($24) can be paid that day.   Hope you can attend!

Christmas Boxes

Here’s an update on our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Rose, Bev and Margaret have transported the boxes to the Collection point in Bayswater for processing. Our total to date, from Crossroads, is 230, and with our trading table donation of $257.20 we are able to make 248 children smile 😊 Thank you, everyone.

From Carol Nancarrow

Carol, who is on a intensive Clinical Pastoral Education course, writes, “I look forward to seeing everybody again very soon and I thank everybody for their ongoing prayers and support.  This is an amazing opportunity of personal and spiritual growth - I feel blessed, and I'm grateful”.

Joint Nominating Committee

It’s been nearly a year since we started our search for a new minister, and the Committee continues to work through the nominations received. Currently the Committee is ‘in conversation’ with a person, and they seek your continuing prayers for their work.

Raising money for children’s cancer research

The indefatigable Luciana Manrique has started a new challenge—"This month, I am taking part in the Great Cycle Challenge to fight kids' cancer! I am pedalling for the entire month and my goal is to ride 200 km. I managed to complete 119kms so far.

Why am I doing this? Because cancer is the largest killer of children from disease in Australia—3 children die of cancer every week! Kids should be living life, not fighting for it.
And so I am taking on a personal challenge to raise $500 to help these kids and give them the brighter futures they deserve. Thanks to my amazing sponsors I have raised $427 already!!

Please pray for kids suffering cancer to feel the love of God and if you can, please donate to support the cause”. Please donate via the Internet or make a personal donation directly to Luciana.


Church Office is open 9.30 am–12 noon, Monday–Friday

Telephone 03 9741 1084.  Postal address is PO Box 2156 Werribee 3030.