Conditions for the use of Crossroads Spaces

Please read the following carefully;

  1. The following activities are prohibited on the Church premises:
    • smoking, gambling,
    • use of alcohol, drugs,
    • use of inflammable liquids,
    • use of nails, thumb tacks,
    • unseemly conduct, obscene language or wilful damage to property.
  1. The facility is not to be left unattended whilst being hired.
  2. Use only heating/lighting supplied in the building, except with written permission.
  3. There is to be NO parking in front of the Church complex, excepting vehicles with a valid disabled parking pass.
  4. All fittings are to be left in a state of cleanliness and tidiness. All rubbish bins to be emptied and rubbish to be taken with you.
  5. All external doors, internal doors and windows are to be locked and checked prior to leaving the premises. Check all building in case of persons hiding inside.
  6. All damage must be reported to the Church Office as soon as possible.
  7. All children must be supervised at all times, whilst using the facilities. No children permitted in the kitchen.
  8. In the event of a power outage, the facility will be unavailable.
  9. All cooking equipment, heaters and lighting must be turned off after use, in accordance with procedures. Ensure the urn is switched off at the wall.
  10. The contract of hire will be reviewed at six monthly intervals (or sooner depending on contract length) and may be terminated for failure to comply with the Conditions governing the use of Church Facilities.  A review of charges will be conducted at the same time.
  11. Church Authorities may refuse any application for use of the facilities and may terminate any agreement as it sees fit.
  12. Church Authorities reserve the right, subject to reasonable notice being given, to suspend the use of Church facilities when they are required for special function (eg Funeral)

I / We have read and understood the conditions above and undertake:

  1. to pay all charges levied by the Church for, or in connection with the use of facilities,
  2. to pay for the cost occasioned in the repair of any damage occurring during use and to accept the Church’s decision on the extent of any such damage,
  3. to accept responsibility for insuring equipment, content and fittings owned by our organisation and for Public Liability Insurance, (insurance policy to be provided with this application).
  4. to provide the Booking Secretary with a written agreement to obtain necessary copyright and performance approvals as required by the Copyright Act,
  5. to neatly store all equipment belonging to your organisation in the area allocated for that purpose.
  6. Crossroads Induction Kit received and retained for reference.